A-Players School ​

for Engineers 2.0

Offer top tier Engineers a community of like-minded mission-driven people
to inspire|test|deliver their ideas

November - December @ Online 



Help top tier Engineers reach the following goals:

  • Found a startup

  • Develop leadership and team management skills

  • Join a mission-driven product company


School Values


We started this school with the idea to promote impact-first culture. We expect everyone from participants to founders to have similar goals: strive to solve an important problem in the world. For participants, it can be starting a mission-driven company or getting a leadership role, but if the goals are exclusively money-driven, this school won’t fit. 

Respect and cooperate

Treating everyone equally and working as a team. On a conceptual level we don’t see “teachers” but “mentors”; not “students” but “participants”. No one has a right to act in an “I know better” way. We develop a culture of co-creation and co-elevation. 

Work hard

We recognize that real impact comes from responsibility and competence. They are not low hanging fruits. We commit putting all our energy into the school and expect everyone to do the same.

Building a community

We have both our mentors and participants share their experiences and personal insights with each other. We help everyone get inspired, obtain necessary soft and hard skills, and confidence to take the next step in life. We facilitate forming partnerships and, honestly, friendships. We expect everyone to bring value to the community.

Infinite mindset

We build this community with the idea to last. We help you build a company that lasts.



Students criteria 

  • Sharing A-Players School for Engineers Values

  • Software Engineer 

  • Min 4 years of engineering experience

  • Product mindset

  • Career dynamics (promotions) + achievements

  • Pet projects or development as a hobby

  • Goals for applying to school: 

    • Launch own startup

    • Improve leadership and management skills (If you aspire to an executive role, for instance)

    • Join a product company


Value for Participants

An environment that inspires, supports, and helps you grow

You’ll gain confidence to create your own company or become a leader by meeting with other great individuals, obtaining necessary soft and hard skills.

Become a part of the A-Players Community

You’ll meet with other great individuals who want to improve things in the world, exchange ideas, and maybe even start projects together.

Found an impact-first startup

You’ll connect with people who already founded such companies, learn their stories, and become a leader of your ideas.

Progress your career and grow professionally

You will get a solid pack of essential hard and soft skills that will open more doors to you.

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Empower your strengths in Product and Leadership

Focus on one track, but boost your skills in both

Product Track

It's aimed to give you a broad vision and skills for launching your own product. It will empower you with confidence in your ideas and explain every launch detail that matters.

During the school, you will learn how to turn source code into value for people and actually do it. At the end of the school, you will give a 10 minutes pitch of your product to the School Mentors. Successful completion of the Product Track is when potential angel/pre-seed investors want to put money into the product, but more importantly when your belief in yourself skyrocketed and you’re eager to start shipping right away.

Leadership Track

It's aimed to give you a broad vision and skills for leading engineering teams of 1-200 engineers. It will strengthen your confidence in management and will help you to become a master of development processes.

You will learn how to lead engineers and deal with engineering processes transformation.
You will choose a company and create an engineering transformation plan that aims to cover potential growth in people, features, workload, and responsibility. Successful completion of the Leadership Track is when your CEO/CTO wants to execute your plan, but more importantly when your belief in yourself skyrocketed and you’re eager to bring more value being a better leader.



Top talents from the best product companies in Ukraine | Founders and CEOs of startups | VC Leads


Founder @ A-Players Recruiting

Speaker on A-Players approach and culture lesson

Founder and CEO @ Chernobyl App

Speaker on Networking lesson


Senior Designer @

Speaker on Design lesson

Venture Lead @ Uventures

Speaker on Idea validation and Investments lessons


Co-Founder and CTO @ Ephy

Speaker on Engineering management, Negotiation and Leadership lessons

Growth @ Braid, Former Growth Lead @ Bird,
Former Head of Growth @ Let's Enhance 

Speaker on Marketing and growth lesson


Allan Grant

Co-Founder & CTO @ Hired,
Founder & Executive Chairman at Talkable

Guest speaker

Anatoliy Visikirsky

People Partner @ Grammarly

Speaker on Business and mission/vision/values lesson


Head of People and Culture @ Mindvalley

Speaker on Building a team lesson



Business and mission/vision/values

User research and idea validation

Product launch


Marketing and growth


Product management

Engineering and project management


Communication and negotiation

Leadership and self-development

Building a team

A-Players approach and culture

Guest speakers

Image by Estée Janssens

How to get in?

Agreed to the terms

  • You'll be expected to attend all the on-line lessons (with potential exceptions in reasonable cases)

  • You'll be asked to pass the final exam with a possibility of being excluded from the course in case you don't pass it

Fill in the application form

These few in-depth and comprehensive questions help us to understand your current position, your goals and your professional passions

Pass the interview

  • Pass the first interview with co-founders of the School (Lesya Arnold or Asya Zhoga)

  • Pass the second interview with co-founders or provide recommendations (on demand) 

Pay entrance fee

The School has entrance fee - $400

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Please, don’t hesitate to contact Asya
(Ops manager of the School)
on Facebook or Telegram

Kyiv, Ukraine